Current Projects

  1. Working Paper Awakened: The Potential for Mobilization to Reshape Interest in Politics A version of this paper was presented at MPSA (2019) and APSA (2019).

  2. In Progress: Organizing Workers of the Future This white paper is part of the MIT Work of the Future Taskforce.

  3. In Progress: Automation Risk and Support for a Universal Basic Income

  4. In Progress: Nudging Local Leaders: Evaluating Mechanisms for Increasing Accountability in Urban Governance Part of the South African Councillor Panel Study, an ongoing effort to better understand the political behavior of local government officials.

  5. Masters Thesis: Organized Labor in a Globalized World: The Impact of Increased International Economic Integration on the Strategies of Trade Unions A version of this project was submitted in completion of a masters in political science at Emory University.



SurveyCTO, Qualtrics


R, STAN, Rcpp, STATA, GIS, Python, Gephi


LaTeX, RMarkdown, RShiny, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite


French (Advanced), Kinyarwanda (Beginner), Swedish (Beginner)


Overleaf, GitHub, Slack, Trello


5+ Years Improv Theater